Save NPAH Campaign

The campaign to save the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) was formed in 2016 to prevent the agreement ending in June 2017.  The NPAH delivered $115 million annually of federal investment in critical homelessness and family violence services.


The campaign was led by Homelessness Australia and National Shelter and aimed to create a supporter coalition who would lobby politicians, talk in the media and take online action.  


The campaign gained over 250 supporter organisations, supporting them with local media and lobbying. It ran a successful open letter to the Prime Minister and ran a number of successful online actions aimed at the Minister and Prime Minister. 


Media was also a large part of this campaign, as was engaging thousands of ordinary Australians in conversations about homelessness services and directing them to their political representatives.


We reached over 200,000 people on Facebook and over 100,000 on Twitter in just three months.


The campaign was a success, with a one-year extension to the NPAH, announced in December 2016.