Don't cut NAHA Campaign

In February 2017, The Federal Government foreshadowed cuts to the $1.35 billion National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) in the media and, commenced attacks on its effectiveness in the lead-up to the May Budget.


The Save NPAH Campaign was quickly re-formulated to focus on stopping any budget cuts.


We built on the supporter base and infrastructure of Save NPAH and scaled up our impact via a number of large actions.


There was a huge response from the community with over 1,650 emails being sent to MPs in just 48 hours and a full day of phone calls to the Treasurer ahead of a major budget speech on housing. In four months, we reached over 210,000 people on Facebook and 70,000 on Twitter.


Ultimately, the campaign succeeded, with secure, ongoing funding included in the May Budget for both the NAHA and NPAH and, an agreement that these will now be combined into a new joint National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, to be negotiated with the states in 2017/18.