Australia is in the midst of a housing crisis, with house prices and rents rapidly increasing. Every night, more than 105,000 Australian don't have a place to call home.  That's one in every 200 people. 

People are paying so much for housing that they are being forced into poverty and homelessness. It's unacceptable in a modern country like Australia.

With your support, we can end both homelessness and the housing crisis.  Join us, a national alliance of housing, homelessness and welfare peak bodies, in our fight to end the housing crisis and the homelessness crisis in Australia.



Sign the petition: 100,000 Homes

Australia has a housing crisis. 

While rents and housing prices have skyrocketed, public and community housing stock has fallen far below demand.    

200,000 people are on housing wait lists. For many, the wait is indefinite. 105,000 Australians are homeless, and that number is expected to grow.  

Everyday Australians are now unable to comfortably afford housing and the most vulnerable among us are being pushed out of their homes altogether. 

Government action on housing affordability is long overdue. 

Australian housing policy needs to change. Australians are ready for change. 

Join us and sign Christine’s call for 100,000 affordable homes for low-income earners to end the housing crisis!





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